F16/F55 Punch & Die Set (6 Pack)

$345.00 CAD Funds

  • This Set is in stock and includes 6x F16 Round Punches, 6x F55 Round Dies, and a Plastic Storage Box.

**Plastic Storage Box Included**

Punch & Die Sizes Include:

F16 Punch 5/16″, 7/16″, 9/16″, 11/16″, 13/16″, 1-1/16″
F55 Die 11/32″, 15/32″, 19/32″, 23/32″, 27/32″, 1-3/32″

F16 Punch Dimensions:
Head Diameter: 1.250″
Body Diameter: 1.062″
Overall Length: 2.125″

F55 Die Dimensions:
Outside Diameter: 1.812″
Height: 1.125″

Punch & Die Clearance:
Use chart above to determine recommended die clearance. The punch and die should NOT be the same size.

Material thickness should not exceed punch size.

Cross Reference:

F16 Punch AP-119, CST-219, GFM-37, PIR-DH
F55 Die AP-313, CST-413, GFM-81, PIR-JB