Durma F20 Square Punch with 6mm Single Keyway

$90.00 CAD Funds

Please Note: Review your Ironworker’s recommended Punches and Dies dimensions before ordering.

  • “A” Stands for Punch Size
  • All sizes listed are in stock. Contact us for custom sizes not listed.



  • Head Diameter: 1.375″
  • Body Diameter: 1.218″
  • Overall Length: 2.375″

Punches are supplied with a 6mm wide x 4mm deep single keyway. Use 6mm x 6mm Keystock to align punches in the machine.

*For carriage bolt and square tube applications we recommend using a square punch 1/32″ larger than the size of carriage bolt or square tube.

Punch & Die Clearance: The punch and die should NOT be the same size.

Note: Material thickness should not exceed punch size.

Equivalent Part Numbers: AP-121, CST-221, GFM-40, PIR-EA, SCOT-40

Commonly paired with: F59 Square Dies